Michael Hill - Licensed Massage Therapy

Michael Hill
Licensed Massage Therapist:
LMT # MT.0018581
Certified Fitness Trainer:
ISSA # 373823

Since graduating from the Cortiva Institute for Massage Therapy in 2009, and becoming a Certified Fitness trainer in 2010, I have been actively practicing within the spa, chiropractic, sports, and mobile massage settings.

These unique settings continually help me to develop and fine-tune a personal massage and corrective-exercise vision for both my clients and myself.

I am an avid runner, cyclist and swimmer participating in half-marathons, 5Ks, cycling events and sprint triathlons on a regular basis – so I'm no stranger to the aches and pains felt by my fellow enthusiasts.

My initial introduction to massage therapy started in much the same way as many of my clients – via discomfort, soreness, and pain from years of active hobbies, standing on my feet behind a cash register, and working a desk job sitting in the same position for hours on end....

Over time, I started to develop pain in my neck, arms, wrists, and lower back. So I began investigating ergonomics, massage, stretching, and strength training to help alleviate my pain. I learned to sit correctly at a computer, and to incorporate proper strength training with stretching into a regular regime to alleviate my discomfort. Combined with weekly massage therapy sessions, my pain began to recede.

Different Settings for Well-Rounded Client Care 

Fine-tuning my skills in a rehabilitation and sports medicine setting has given me up-close, personal experience with many ailments prevalent in today's work environment and weekend warriors that include neck, arm, lower-back pain, sciatica, etc. Working side-by-side with doctors, professional athletes and physical therapists, I have learned how to help the body achieve a neutral, muscular-skeletal alignment to help facilitate the body’s natural healing process. I Educate clients on home preventive maintenance and ergonomics for a more comfortable work and exercise environment.

Mobile massage and fitness options have also enhanced my ability to be flexible with my various techniques, applications, and client personalities. Having the ability to be completely mobile, and provide massage therapy and fitness exercise services to clients in their home or office has proven to be a valuable asset to many of them since most have limited time, or mobility/health issues that prevent or discourage them from traveling to off-site locations. Whether you're in a busy office or home, mobile massage therapy and fitness services may be a good fit for you!

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